Exclusive Video Premiere: Candy Ken – TERRY RICHARDSON

#EditorsPick! Our favourite Austrian rapper Candy Ken bares it all in his brand new video: TERRY RICHARDSON. In 2015 Candy Ken was photographed by the controversial photographer. 2 years later Candy Ken is publishing his self-directed new video inspired by his shooting with Terry Richardson.  Have a look by yourself:

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KALTBLUT: The video!! What a video.. who directed it and who came up with the concept? And what is the idea behind the song?
Candy Ken: It is about people judging me for shooting nudes with him and also ábout people saying that I look like blablabla or that something reminds them of blablabla – I really hate being compared. I am the original – everything I do is real and I am Candy Ken 24/7 all year long. Smokera produced the song – I directed the video mysself – it´s inspired by my shooting with Terry.

KALTBLUT: Candy Ken bares it all in the video.. and you know your fans are waiting for that moment.. Are you ready to be an even bigger sex-symbol now?
Candy Ken: 
I always wanted to be a sex-symbol and I love the idea of making people happy – especially in their intimate moments lol – so yes I am ready.

KALTBLUT: Let´s talk about your EP: Candy Trap. Tell us all about.. How many songs? Who produced the new EP?
Candy Ken: Kollektiv Sandgasse!!! We did 6 songs which are my best ones so far and have very different and important concepts! It´s not anymore only about basic bitches and unicorns but also talks about white men privilege and refugees! U gotta listen 2 it right now !!! It´s available everywhere.

KALTBLUT: What are your plans for New Years Eve? And what are your plans for 2018?
Candy Ken: Tokyo! Got booked for a big new years eve show ! Can´t wait !!! 2018 I am planning on moving to NYC and getting signed.

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