Facetasm Fall/Winter 2022 – “MUI”

FACETASM presents its new Fall/Winter 2022 “MUI” collection. “MUI” means “forest” in Okinawa dialect, Okinawa is the Japanese island where the brand film took place. “We don’t know anything about the place that lies a little further. No, we don’t even know anything about our neighbors, in fact we don’t even try to know more about ourselves. This time, we, FACETASM, acted according to our intuition, and wondered how we would deal with the emotions and knowledge we absorbed over time. I let my thoughts wander.”

store.facetasm.jp / www.instagram.com/facetasmtokyo

In this world where the dazzling light wriggles, I wish I could do this all the time.

You are kind. That is mean.

And then,
It is beautiful.