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Famous Casino and Gambling Themed Artworks you should know about

The euphoria and thrill of winning casino games and the despair associated with big losses, are all emotional states which have appealed to artists time and again. Here in this short article we will acquaint you with some of the famous casino and gambling themed artworks that all gambling and art enthusiasts should know about.

Dogs Playing Poker – Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

This painting featuring dogs playing poker, and titled ‘Poker Game’ was a work of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, who created it in the 19th century. It’s actually a collection of 18 different paintings that have been put together to create one large image.

While many considered it tasteless and crafty, its value appreciated over the years and it sold for a record sum of $ 658,000 in 2015, at an auction held in New York. Mr Coolidge was well known for paintings featuring dogs doing all kinds of humanlike activities.

Casino/Gambling and The Gambler – Zaza Tuschmalischvili

Zaza Tuschmalischvili, a painter from Georgia started creating artworks featuring symbols and scenes from his native country, using watercolours, tempera and ink. He put his past behind during the 90s and started focusing on composition, in favour of cubist expressionism. The first painting he created was about gambling, titled Casino/Gambling, which he finished in the year 1995, fetching him over $ 20,000. There’s another well-known painting on the same theme titled ‘The Gambler’ which sold for just $ 13,000.

Watchful Eye Series – Darren Thompson

Darren Thompson, the American illustrator has become a well-known name in the art world over the past one decade. A Chicago native, several of his oil paintings are about the Windy City. His work Red and Black, as expected is about a roulette wheel. Darren makes use of subdued and muted colours, bringing people’s attention onto the foreground, as gamblers can be seen hanging back like shadows.

Watchful Eye is his another painting from the same series, which focuses on a dealer going about his business at a card game table. He uses the same technique, blurring the chips, as dealer is focused on the action. But the title is about the black-clad gentlemen seen in the background, with their dark eyes fixated on the dealer.