Berlin! 24.01.19 – Farao with Jae Tyler + Baal & Mortimer @ Marie Antoinette

“Pure-O” (a form of OCD characterized by repetitive, intrusive, and uncontrollable thoughts) serves as the title of Farao’s newest release. Explained as a “prog-pop exposition on the curious dichotomy between beauty and destructiveness in sex and relationships”, the LP features synthesizer, zither, and her own ethereal vocals. Its inevitable for listeners to give into this addictive marathon of 90’s R&B, Soviet disco, and dreamy electro-pop. The Norwegian-born, Berlin-based artist will be headlining Marie Antoinette this Thursday night with supporting acts Jae Tyler, and Baal & Mortimer. We had a hot second chat about what future audiences can expect before it all, without revealing too many surprises.

KALTBLUT: How has your experience been in releasing Pure-O versus your debut?

Farao: I’ve had more fun releasing “Pure-O”, knowing what to expect a little more than last time. For me, releasing an album is about letting go and it’s more of a closure than a beginning.

KALTBLUT: What have you learned from it?

Farao: To look ahead, to accept impermanence and the fact that I’ve done what I can with this album. It’s living it’s own life now and the only thing I can do is focus on what’s next for me, touring and playing these songs live in the best possible way.

KALTBLUT: As an artist who shares such vulnerable and intimate themes, what do you find is the most relatable narrative from this album that keeps your listeners the most connected?

Farao: Most of my lyrics are sung from other people’s perspective and I’m rarely the first person in my songs. I’m trying to understand or imagine what someone else must be feeling in a given situation, and I hope this way of putting myself in other people’s shoes could inspire my listeners to do the same thing. This album was a way for me to practice empathy.

KALTBLUT: You’ll be performing with a full band – what do you feel this brings to your music in a live setting? What can people expect?

Farao: A lot of my music is synth-based and playing with a full band brings it to life with my drummer, synthesist, an amazing backing vocalist and me playing the zither. Playing the zither live is super nice and I will also be doing a special solo instrumental zither piece during the show.

KALTBLUT: Favorite track to play live so far?

Farao: “Marry Me” is always the most fun to play. We play it towards the end of the set when we are properly warmed up and the beat releases my inner aerobics instructor.

KALTBLUT: Which Soviet disco characters will you be channelling in this tour? Or will it be more of the 90’s era Janet Jackson?

Farao: I’m planning on channelling Aaliyah mixed with some Alice Coltrane and with a hint of Yugoslavian synth pioneer Miha Kralj.

What? Farao with Jae Tyler + Baal & Mortimer 
When? Thursday, January 24th, 2019
Where? Marie Antoinette, Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin
Tickets: here


Feature photo by Kevin Bourland


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