Fashion Concept Berlin Music Video Awards 2020 edition: Designers call!

Designers! This one is for you! The Berlin Music Video Awards 2020 edition is just around the the corner, and the open call for Fashion concept is open now! Music videos and fashion have always gone together. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this symbiotic bond. 

The @BerlinMusicVideoAwards is giving designers the opportunity to participate in their 8th edition, which will take place in KitKat Club, later this year. The runway show that will be featured in the festival will take place on May 30th (at the main event).


The concept behind this show will feature designs that are fitting to music videos or stage performances. In the audience there will be directors and production companies who stand behind the best music videos of the year, this is your chance to network with the finest clients!

Deadline for applications is the 1st of March.

To apply send an email to

Instagram: @berlinmusicvideoawards