Fashionclash Festival 2016: βΩ

One To Watch from Fashionclash Festival 2016. βΩ – BETAOMEGA is a young unisex and menswear label founded in 2016 in The Czech Republic by fashion designer Roman Častulík and starting art-director Martin Beneš. The design duo unveiled a great collection in Maastricht. I had a little chat with the guys about their work.


Name:  βΩ (β: Roman Častulík – fashion design, Ω: Martin Beneš – fashion communication) / Age: 22, 20  / Hometown: Brno, Czech Republic  / Menswear or Womenswear: menswear and unisex

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Hello. Welcome to KALTBLUT. Why have you decided to participate at FASHIONCLASH Festival? 
βΩ: We decided to participate after we met Branko Popovic, who told us about this event. Then we checked it and we realised how fucking great it looks. So I was so proud and happy when they chose us. Also international environment is quite comfortable for us after a lots of experience with travelling around the Europe. We love these multiculti vibes and I hope we will continue with projects like that!

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Can you tell us something about the collection you presented at the FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016? What was your inspiration?
βΩ: We are working on concepts together so our inspiration was actually the environment when both of us grown up quite a lot and when we actually met each other. It was a quite funny world of cafes in our hometown, where we started to date with guys, where we started to know better ourselves, our self-confidence, our orientation, our characters. Till we met each other there and till we started to date. That’s why we were working with a concept of traditional la garconne, the style which actually looks like this world of pubs and cafes in our hometown. But I was trying to change it, same how this world changed us.

That’s mean that this collection is a reflection of our common history, of our relationship.


What kind of material did you used for the collection?
βΩ: I used more luxury materials like lace, wool, silk or hare felt on hats. But I was trying to show them not so nice but more casually, little bit destroyed or better say rough.

What challenges did you face during the design process? 
βΩ: The biggest challenge was to make our first parfume. We were cooperating with friend of us who is a specialist in this field, but still to make a parfume which will work together with the concept and with the collection was quite difficult. But at the end we are so happy about that. We created a bio parfume made from 32 herbs, which is actually unisex and which is for us the great reflection of the collection.

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How would you describe your self and your work?
βΩ: I am quite impulsive, stressed, chaotic and also very open-minded and I hope empathetic person. That’s what you can actually see in my work. I am trying to work with lots of textures and materials everytime. I like to combine what is not ostensibly combinable.

What would you say this is the biggest influence to your design process? 
βΩ: My character, our relationship and world around me.

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If you had not become a fashion designer, what would you do instead?
βΩ: A gardener.

Who’s your dream client?
βΩ: Vivienne Westwood.

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What was the first item you have ever designed? And who was the lucky one to get it? 
βΩ: I think it was a t-shirt for my Barbie doll when I was 6 years old.

What can we expect from you in near future? 
βΩ: I will work for our label for sure. We decided to make some cool performances and maybe some events. So all of you are invited for sure!
And then I will work on my bachelor collection.

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Where can we buy your fashion?
βΩ: We are working on it, so soon at our website. Now you can just write us if you want!

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Interview by Marcel Schlutt
Photos by Team Peter Stigter