FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland AW16 – Part I

KALTBLUT´s favourite collections from FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland – AW16. Guest editor Branko Popovic: fashion designer/artist/blogger/ Co- founder & director of FASHIONCLASH foundation went for us to Lodz to have a look for new trends from the biggest fashion festival in Poland. Introducing: SZCZESNY, MATEUSZ PUKŁO and GIRL LITTLE BOY. All photos by Mike van der Ent Pasarela.



Szczesny kicked off the 14th edition of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łodz
with a collection inspired by horse riding. Collection 3 / 2016 NIGHT HORSE is a playful but uncomplicated approach to fashionable wardrobe essentials using materials such as wool, leather, fake fur, knitwear, cotton and polyesters. Focusing on quality in both materials and finishings the collection contains hand knitted pieces, classic black basics and fake fur pieces. Designer Damian Szczesny created the brand in 2014 after graduating at MSKPiU academy in Warsaw. He puts his focus on material guality, hand-made details and manual production of the clothing.

FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_018 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_017 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_016 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_015 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_014 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_013 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_012 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_011 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_010 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_009 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_008 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_007 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_006 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_005 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_004 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_003 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_002 FWP14_Pasarella_Szczesny_001 and @Facebook
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarela



Mateusz Pukło presented an all black mens collection ‘Dark Lines’ during the 14th edition of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łodz. Proving that simplicity does not bore, the collection is an elegant proposal for the sophisticated men containing beautiful coats, jackets and black basics that will hibernate fashion trends. Menswear classis are tastefully refreshed. The collection is presented in a foggy and casual atmosphere completing the coherent story line in distinguished manner. He is talented graduate, who finished Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design SAPU. Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (short is SAPU) exists since 1995 and is one of the most known Polish fashion schools, through last 20 years our students and graduates obtained lot international awards (Fashion Culture, Eco Chic Design Awards, World of Wearable Art, Habitus Baltija, Złota Nitka).

FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_001 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_002 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_003 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_004 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_006 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_007 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_008 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_009 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_010 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_011 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_013 FWP14_Pasarella_Mateusz-Puklo_014  and Instagram: aerdine.spirit
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarela



GIRL LITTLE BOY debut resulted in on of the highlights during the 14th edition of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in Łodz . The collection is a very promising proposal of designer Rafael Anatol, deconstructing and reinterpreting styles successfully for both boys and girls. GIRL LIITLE BOY plays with boy – girl boundaries, mixing everything from punk to club culture, with aim to create a harmony.

FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_001 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_002 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_003 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_004 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_005 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_006 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_007 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_008 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_009 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_010 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_011 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_012 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_013 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_014 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_015 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_016 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_017 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_018 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_019 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_020 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_021 FWP14_Pasarella_Girl-little-boy_022
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarela

Selected by Brank Popovic

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