FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland AW16 – Part II

KALTBLUT´s favourite collections from FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland – AW16. Guest editor Branko Popovic: fashion designer/artist/blogger/ Co- founder & director of FASHIONCLASH foundation went for us to Lodz to have a look for new trends from the biggest fashion festival in Poland. Introducing: KHATEGAT, KLAUDIA MARKIEWICZ, ZWYRD, JAROSŁAW EWERT . All photos by Mike van der Ent Pasarela


Inspired by the nightclub culture of the 70s and 80s, the collection ‘Sparkle’ sparkled up the Designer Avenue stage. The breeze shook through the hair of the models leaving a wave along with the large golden hanging circle earrings. The similar circle details are also used in the belts and clothing. Neon colours popped up contrasting through pastels, black, dark blue and prints. In particular, the looks with woven materials with geometrical patterns are striking. Jarosław Ewert was the highlight of Friday evening, showing the consistent design quality and ability to deliver proper collections each season.

FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_005 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_006 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_007 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_008 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_009 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_010 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_012 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_013 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_017 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_018 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_023 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_029 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_030 FWP14_Pasarella_Ewert_031
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarella

ZWYRD FW 2016/17

Although still a student, designer Grzegorz Marcisz righteously proved he deserves the given stage.
With the collection savage, inspired by graffiti art he shows great potential and authentic design aesthetic. His collections are noticed for extreme shapes, enlarged prints and thick fabrics. Both boys and girls show street roughness. While drawing inspiration from sport and street classics the collection displays a desire to escape the usual copycats.

FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_001 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_002 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_003 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_004 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_005 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_006 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_007 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_008 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_009 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_010 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_011 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_012 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_013 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_014 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Zwyrd_015
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarella



Łodz based designer Klaudia Mariewicz brought the world to the catwalk of the FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. Inspired by the globalization she clashed various local traditions throughout the collection. Traditional African aesthetics are mixed with influence of the European and American culture, creating a new nomadic tribe for the contemporary globe trotter. Colours are inspired by Maasai and Dogon tribal costumes. Images of African ethnical tribes are applied to the coats and jackets almost like pamphlets. Furthermore, the collection is enriched with handcrafted pieces, oversized knitting’s and crochet, but also with materials such as Polish wool paying a tribute to the local heritage. Brave proposal that stands out from the obvious Polish fashion design aesthetics.

FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_001 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_002 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_004 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_005 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_007 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_008 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_009 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_011 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_012 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_013 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_014 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_016 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_017 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_019 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Markiewicz_020
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarella


Khategat presented a collection with oversized coats and bombers for boys and girls. The colour palette is inspired by the nature from the cold Nordic landscapes and glaciers. Khategat is a brand by family based teamwork of Violeta, Patrycja and Martyna Świderska

FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_001 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_002 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_004 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_005 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_007 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_008 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_009 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_012 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_013 FWP14_Pasarella-Photo_Kathegat_014

“You only look good with your family on a photography” says old Polish proverb but as a KHATEGAT we’re breaking that rule. Our fashion brand is based on a family cooperation. Our trio makes unique projects addressed to customers looking for extraordinary designs.”
Photography: Mike van der Ent Pasarella

Selected by Brank Popovic

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