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Flam! The first in a series of various artists compilations by Sameheads

Berlin-based experimental event, fashion, and music extraordinaires Sameheads announce Flam!, the first in a new series of bi-annual compilation vinyl releases featuring original tracks from Antoni Maiovvi, Balance Crew, Kris Baha, Kruton, Novo Line and Twoonky. “It took a while before it was this,” says J R Seaton aka Call Super, “It was a place to find clothes made by people lost in a minefield of ideas who liked to party. It was a place for temporary visions that turned out to happen and were then forgotten. It was always a place to find a new circle of friends. A place for expression where the throttle had been loosened and we all careered into the next day and the day after that. We all need to meet in the flesh away from the pixels and connect our first thoughts. Somewhere to ruffle our own feathers and take off on a phantom flight. It has been all this and it still is. Only now there is a record label to try and actually document a little of all of that. Welcome to Sameheads.” Vinyl can be purchased through Sameheads’ distributer Bordello A Parigi from February 1st, and in some selected record stores. Don’t forget to join us for the Flam! EP release party and enter our competition to win guestlist spots for the night by emailing

Side A:
A1. Novo Line – Canto Uno: Written by Nathaniel Fowler in Berlin 2018
“✚Novo Line✚ is a live performance based project by musician Nat Fowler, deliberately misusing 1980’s studio production tools to create simultaneously obtuse and acute tone poems using the sound palette of Adult Oriented Rock’s zenith. Alternatively tuned melody/rhythm matrices slowly collide during a live set, based on impromptu choices, powered by two Atari ST personal computers that communicate via a living MIDI network of reactions and interactions, building up three dimensional counterpoint with seemingly astray beats, unfolding into synchronous and asynchronous grooves that can be enjoyed in a state of mind-body integrated euphoria without thinking about this text you are currently reading.”

A2. Balance Crew – Flam!: Written by Dane Close & L. Zylberberg in Berlin 2018
“Balance Crew release their debut track on this compilation. Members consist of Sameheads residents Dane Close & L. Zylberberg, both artists who have independently released in their own right through Power Station & zweikommasieben respectively”

A3. Twoonky – Grotte: Written by Michele Bornati & Simone Bornati
“Twoonky is a sonic duo formed by Simone and Michele Bornati, a mixture of analog and digital sounds, acousticsonorities and unsettled oceans of noise layers, synth deflections and crooked saxophones, crazy frog legs, and sparkling water. 80’s punk trans-human industrial, from twisted no-wave guitars to freak-out electronics of the American sub-culture.”

Side B:
B1. Kruton – Mince based dish: Written by Milo Smee
A moniker of Milo Smee who has also produced music under the names of Binary Chaffinch, 5 Mic Cluster, was a founding member of Chrome Hoof, and is the label head of Power Vacuum Records.

B2. Kris Baha – Heads: Written by Kristin Bahoudian in Berlin 2018
“Much time has passed since Kris Baha swapped the parched red earth and searing midday sun of the Australian outback for the brutalist buildings, communist-era apartment blocks and slate-grey skies of East Berlin. Now firmly embedded in his adopted city, Baha bas become known for a trademark DJ and production style inspired by sun-baked hallucinatory visions and the clandestine, concrete-clad industrial hum of the metropolis after dark.

Where once he was resident behind the decks at Power Station, a weekly EBM and industrial night in Melbourne, Baha is now a regular fixture at celebrated Berlin institutions CockTail D’Amore and Sameheads. There, and during guest spots elsewhere across the World, he dives deep into the void, returning to deliver extended sets of obscure, otherworldly machine music driven by emotion and mood, be it energy, joy, lust or sadness. The same rules apply to his hardware-driven, performance-based live shows, which were initially inspired by his love for the pioneering gigs of the first industrial era.

When not channelling the musical spirits to inspire dancers, Baha can be found lurking in the shadows of his secretive studio space. There, he performs mixing, mastering and remix duties for the likes of Die Wilde Jagd, Novo Line, The TWINS, Khidija, Eva Geist, Boys Noize, Bell Towers, Joakim and Red Axes. There has also been a noted collaboration with fellow Aussie outcast Dreems as Die Orangen, with the two joining forces for a series of thrillingly wayward “krautback” releases on Multi-Culti.

Yet it’s his own skewed, mutant dancefloor productions for which Baha is undoubtedly best known. Inhibiting their own sound space between industrial, EBM, minimal wave, early ‘90s IDM and krautrock, Baha’s releases have so far featured on such record labels as Bahnsteig 23, Pinkman, CockTail D’Amore Music, She Lost Kontrol and Power Station, the imprint he initiated back in 2015. We can expect more in the months and years ahead, including a debut album that distils his distinctive musical vision into palatable, marketable chunks. That is assuming, of course, that Baha would ever want to sugar coat his delightfully druggy, dystopian and energetic artistic ethos.”

B3. Antoni Maiovvi – Greased Love: Written by Antoni Maiovvi in The Hague 2018
“Antoni Maiovvi’s career began with a quite frankly amazing lie. In reality, Maiovvi is not an original Italo producer from the 1980s come back to reclaim his crown, but a project started at the end of 2006 by composer Anton Maiof to explore a world made of synth pop, hi-nrg and horror soundtracks. The cry of “Let’s Dance! Let’s Kill!” somehow struck a chord among the followers of the new cosmic disco movement and has lead to a prolific discography.

Musically, Maiovvi takes as many cues from John Carpenter and Goblin as he does from Italian Electro and San Francisco Hi-NRG right through experimental electronics and Krautrock. In short Antoni Maiovvi makes epic Horror Disco.”

Pre-order Flam! Sameheads Various artists compilation EP here:

Flam! EP release party February 1st at Sameheads

Photoshoot credits
All images shot on location in Sameheads.
Photographer: Jun Kim – @junkimart
Art Direction: Sameheads – @sameheads
Styling: Raki Fernandez – @dressedbyraki
Hair & Make-up: Johi von Bruises – @johivonbruises & Mareija
Lowreijn – @mareija_lowreijn
Models: Cassandre Clerc – @0nkay, Mario Campos –
@mariongo_tres_hongos, Brandi Michael Alarcón – @bbbmma,
Jessica Comes – @frankhonesty
Graphic Designer – Giulia Munari

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