Florrie – Late EP

I ´m totally in love with Florrie´s EP “Late”. A 4 song EP by one of my favorite singers right now. Based in the UK. She is just adorable. Each song is pop pure and I can´t stop listen to it. Published back in May 2012. And still a great sound for a late summer. “Shout you down” is my favorite. Enjoy!


Download Florrie Late EP on iTunes

You can buy Florrie’s ‘Late’ EP on iTunes. Search your local store for ‘Florrie Late’ or click a store below:

Who is Florrie?

Florrie is a drummer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Currently Florrie is unsigned and gives much of her music away to fans for free to download, play, share, post – see Florrie’s free MP3 downloads.

Florrie’s has released 2 EPs. ‘Introduction’ was released free to download in November 2010. Her second, six-track EP ‘Experiments’ was released in June 2011, independently through iTunes, and charted on iTunes around the world. (Source florrie.com/who-is-florrie )

You can follow Florrie on Facebook and Twitter. And subscribe to Florrie’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss new music videos.

Here’s a little bit more about Florrie:

  • Florrie: as traditional a musician and performer as can possibly be, but at the same time a completely new type of independent pop artist.
  • Florrie is a 22 year old artist, originally from Bristol in the south-west of the UK. She‘s a drummer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and remixes her own tracks. She played her first ever gig, aged 7, dressed as a fish!
  • In June 2008 she became the Xenomania house drummer, playing drums on ‘The Promise’ by Girls Aloud & various other tracks for Kylie, Pet Shop Boys etc. Florrie worked her way up through the ranks at Xenomania from drummer to writing lyrics to singing tracks to programming and remixing
  • Contemporary French disco legend Fred Falke has been an instrumental force in defining Florrie’s sound. Her first track ‘Call 911’ was co written and remixed by him, and was released in Feb 2010.
  • Kitsuné, the impeccably hip French electronic music and fashion label, included ‘Call 911’ on a compilation with Ponystep, the globally renowned fashion art and music style magazine based in East London.



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