Flower Power by Yulia Shur

Yulia Shur is a Belorussian-born photographer and director, based in Tokyo for the past 2 years. In her works Shur tried to stretch the definition of photography from taking pictures of what the human eye would see to creating images using my toolbox full of shapes, lines, colors and lucid dreams and playing with concepts. This project is a collaboration with a flower artist from Tokyo Daisuke Shimura. They used flowers, very special style and light to play with the viewer blurring the boundaries between the genders.

Art direction & Photography by  Yulia Shur (AVGVST)
www.yuliashur.com  – Instagram: @ph_yuliashur , Instagram: @s_h_u_r
Flower art by Daisuke Shimura  – Instagram: @daisuke_shim
Style by Bunta Shimizu – Instagram: @bunta.r
Model is Shun Kawachi ( BARK in STYLe ) – Instagram: @_shun_k_

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