#FridayFeeling Die Antwoord – ‘Banana Brain’

Taken from the album ‘Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid’, due to be released September 16th, Die Antwoord are back with another ridiculous video and this time it’s for ‘Banana Brain’. Directed by the group’s Ninja and Terence Neale, it begins with ¥o-landi Vi$$er giving sleeping pills to her parents then partying all night with Ninja and even an impromptu haircut. There’s also an additional nice message that the two shared for their fans during the video release, see below for more.

“Hi kids. Ninja and ¥o-landi speaking aka MOUNT NINJI & DA NICE TIME KID.
When we finished all the songs for our new album (??da name in caps above) we thought, ‘Hmm… what song should we make a music video for 1st?’ Then we got this cute idea for a music video for our high-energy love song: BANANA BRAIN and filmed the video in our old hood in South Africa. The BB video is about sneaking out of the normal boring world into a dark and exciting zef zone that normal people are too scared to explore. But beware of the zef zone kids, because things are not always as they seem! ?”

‘Mount Ninji & Da Nice Time Kid’, due to be released September 16th via Zef Recordz
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