Christmas season is here, and everyone wants to make it big. Don’t be left behind or let your party be dull and boring. This season, it will be nice if you did things differently. Change your themes and bring in some exotic styles will be remembered by the staff a bit longer.

A good theme will require a better event planner; therefore, get into the market and research on great event planners like for help.

Some of the fun themes that should be popping up this season are listed below.

Ugly Christmas sweater party

There is always that store where you can get some ugly wool fabric knits that look horrible with some odd color shades such as red, pink, green and purple with weird stitches around there necks. Some will even have Santa symbols stitched randomly and all over or dear and Christmas trees symbols. Get these collections and have your staff dressed up for the evening and the day that follows to kick some fun into your party.

Christmas masquerade ball

This will work well for offices that keep it casual. Slide some clues on masquerade histories, mask preparations, and dresses that accompany such occasion and leave the rest to their imagination. Let them get a little more creative and sit back to see the surprises that will come along. The decoration can happen in a wide range from harlequin setting to winter wonderland and remember to serve foods that will match the occasion and setting. Most people will go for a funky cocktail, finger licking food and play the music all through.

Winter Wonderland Christmas party

From our childhood, we have been made to believe Santa only appears in winter, the time for Christmas when it is snowing everywhere. Something funny, even those people living in tropics have the same belief, even though most of them have never seen the brilliant white landscape with chilly winds blowing and children skating. Setup an all-white party house with statues of polar bears, glittering fairy light and Christmas trees to depict an all-white winter wonderland Christmas. This theme can be accompanied by Christmas games such as pass the parcel. This is a classical children game but can be revived for adults.


Fun and alternative themes for your office Christmas party are endless. You have to select carefully to come up with a perfect theme that will rock your staff’s minds and set them free from a yearlong hard work. Make them enthusiastic to come back to the office once the season is over.

There are other themes not discussed here such as Santa workshop Christmas party, nightmare before Christmas party, candy land and chocolate Christmas party that can be impressive if executed perfectly. You might also prefer themes such as Christmas around the world or Christmas movie marathon party where you set up your room into a theatre and air the most amazing Christmas movies. This can be made cute by using a projector or wide screens to preview a selected movie playlist for your small audience and try to make it lively by incorporating some games.