Funky ways to create your own storage solutions at home

In today’s world of ever increasing demands for space, it can be difficult to find accommodation which adequately stores all of our belongings without leaving us feeling cramped. While we could all do with an excuse for a good clear out, there are just some things we have to hold onto, causing us to look for alternative storage solutions.

Thankfully, with today’s ever more innovative designers, there are more and more options available to us, which manage to save space in the most aesthetically-pleasing ways possible. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out some of these fun storage solutions.

Go up
Many of us look down on our floor space with despair when planning out where to put everything – but herein lies the problem – thinking horizontally! It’s so easy to forget just how much space we can save by going upwards, making the most of our walls and ceilings. For example, go to town on shelving, or if you’re feeling really inventive, you can even consider turning wall hangings into effective tools like this painting which turns into jewellery storage.

Sleep on it
It seems that storage solutions in the bed are more popular than we thought, and now designers are looking to more styles such as Divan and Ottoman beds. These are particularly good for seasonal changes if you find your wardrobe bursting at the seams – in the summer months, put those heavy winters coats and jumpers to bed while you make the most of bikini season, and vice versa.

Take the stairs
In spirit of going onwards and upwards, you would be amazed at just how effective a flight of stairs can be. If you’re not blessed with space for bookshelves in your hallway or on your landing, then consider making the most of your stairs by implanting drawers within them. These designs are ultra-modern and will wow your guests with their seemingly camouflaged appearance.

 Vacuum packed
These innovative ideas are not just for food – all you need is a vacuum cleaner and you could save inches and inches of space as far as your wardrobe is concerned. Simply take a pile of clothes, fold them efficiently and slide them into the large plastic pouch, before sealing and applying a vacuum cleaner nozzle. The surface area will reduce in seconds and you’ll be amazed how much you can fit in, especially into those aforementioned Divan beds!