Future East Festival 2020

#SaveTheDate – A Virtual Audiovisual Experience from 18.11.– 20.11.2020! Future East Festival is an intersecting diverse contemporary music, digital art, architecture and nature festival. The festival aims to create a universe where there are no “other” nations, geneses and ethereal socio-cultural constructs of the Zeitgeist but a celebration for the authentic creativity of artists, especially womxn who are oppressed by heteronormativity. It presents Live Performances, sound, visual art and media installations on its custom-designed digital platform. The platform features audiovisual experiences where artworks will be digitally presented as an interactive CGI in 360° environment with custom VFX. @future.east.festival


Future East 2020 Theme

Re-emerging From Fractured Grounds

Is it ever possible to emerge anew, uninhibited and infinite? Is it possible for one to predict the inevitable force of swollen creative roots, pushing as they burst from the fragmented grounds of desolate buildings? How easy was it for past inhabitants of this world to forget nature’s cyclic intentions? No structure is safe, art, like nature, shall once again prevail against destruction. Relentless against man’s imposed boundaries; it takes what it needs in its eternal and uncompromising descent. Art, like vegetation, is a notorious catalyst for descent; it creeps to its own rhythm, then roots and spreads with vibrancy. It sprawls to mundane corners were never before expected. Art is an invasive species; cut it back and it regenerates furiously.

Artists who decide to flee the multitude of macabre restrictions imposed by the oppressive regimes of their home countries are likely to flourish in new lands with a distinct determination. They slip their way through the cracks of immigration bureaucratic brutality and socio-political barriers, like plants springing from the cracks of an abandoned building. Once they set to work they begin to warp the rigid structure’s brick and mortar body into a new exploratory landscape. This abandoned complex, presenting itself in its regenerated state carries all the symbolism that Future East Festival wishes to encompass. The artists and curatorial team of the festival all hail from regions affected in recent decades by repetitive socio-political unrest. Together as a community of non-western, non-heteronormative artists and crew, Future East Festival wants to highlight the experience of audiovisual art migrants and provide an inclusive space for them to re-emerge from.