Gallery Weekend at Studio183 Bikini Berlin

#SaveTheDate! THE STUDIO183 TEAM INVITES YOU TO THEIR GALLERY WEEKEND EVENTS IN THE BIKINI BERLIN CONCEPT GALLERY. 27.04. 17.00 – 20.00 // UTOPIC by Mona Vulpoiu! Elle Style Award for ‘Best Jewellery Designer’

This year UTOPIC marked its 13th anniversary. There have been 13 years of stories told through metal and stone. For Mona Vulpoiu, the mind behind UTOPIC, it has been 9 years since she left the field of architecture for contemporary jewellery and has never looked back. She found a way to forge her feelings in metal, carving entire scenes that sit on a finger.

26.04. – 28.04. // AssembledHalf project 2019.
„Face to Face“ collection, instead of looking at things, look between things.
Facing the jungle, the hills and vales my past lives as an animal and other beings rise up before me. (Uncle Boonmee )

(정글과 언덕 계곡 앞에 서면 짐승이나 다른 존재였던 내 전생이 떠오른다.)

Art fashion with AssembledHalf, a Berlin-based brand that rather creates truly unique, enviable pieces. All handmade and individually printed, each item is a wearable piece of art.


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