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What to wear on a night out to a casino! Going out to a casino can be a fun and exciting thing to do with a group of friends and also if you are going on a date. Making the decision about what to wear is often the most nerve racking part especially if you have only ever played at an online casino. For some people that’s a difficult enough decision on a daily basis let alone if they’re going somewhere they haven’t been before and want to make a good impression. It’s important to wear something you feel confident in if you are going to a casino particularly if you plan on playing at the poker and blackjack tables.

What you wear should reflect your reason for being at the casino. For example, if you are there to gamble, you should dress a little more casual as games can get pretty intense, but you should also look smart and fashionable at the same time so that your opponents think you are a pro. For the ladies this could be a slim fitting trouser suit with a silk camisole, or perhaps skinny jeans, a nicely tailored blazer and killer heels. People don’t always go to gamble of course as there is often lots of entertainment on offer at a casino. If you are going to see a show such as a music show or if you’re at a more upmarket casino, the ballet or opera, you can afford to really go all out.  A cocktail dress is perfect for an evening like this and if you want to go for an understated little black dress you can add some beautiful jewellery and accessories to ensure you stand out.

casino-350x222The dress code for casinos is usually smart casual which can mean most things in your wardrobe as long as they are presentable and comfortable for you to wear. The only things to ensure you don’t wear are anything too revealing and anything that may look scruffy such as fashionable rips in clothing.

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