GAMUT Spring/Summer 2020

The second GAMUT collection is a free continuation of this collective work with a nod to the traditional codes of clothing and accessories.

#PFW – GAMUT collaborated with Messalina Mescalina, a Lyon-based drag queen whose gender- twisting performance work and highly artistic approach inspired the group to focus on doubles, duality and the baring of the interior. Moreover, the muse of the collection — Messalina Mescalina — becomes a photographic pattern for the jersey pieces.

GAMUT pursues its mix of genres by taking over old-fashioned couture codes, opening unexpected windows on the body and developing an open and unisex wardrobe. The chosen techniques and finishes focus on ultra-artisanal suits and technical pieces designed in an industrial manner.

GAMUT places great importance on textile ennobling — embroidery, silkscreening, silk painting — while developing its knitwear line, interpreted in summer creations. Alternating rigorous cuts and organic shapes, the SS20 collection is the result of an experimental back-and-forth between the members of the GAMUT collective.