GASPAR’s new music video for “Kings & Queens”

Before the presentation of the debut mini-disc “Gaspar”, scheduled for the end of October, a former member of Ukrainian dance and electro-pop project Kazaky Arthur Gaspar presented video for the track “Kings & Queens”. It was directed by Livelyocean film in collaboration with Sergey Poberezhets and with the participation of Ukrainian TOP-models Anna Zakusilo, Anastasia Panchenko, Nantin Dronchak, Vlad Shevchenko, Egor Smirnov and others.

 The result of their efforts is the atmospheric video, smoothly conducting the viewer trough the narrative of the story, included in the lyric of the track itself, which calls to appreciate every moment of life not to measure its fullness only by material things. “We aim for the best, but it does not cost anything if there battle between us and we cannot love each other. The greatest wealth – is the unity of love. In this infinity, nothing can fill us with happiness more than love, “ – says Gaspar about the idea of the new musical clip.
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