Introducing the GEN-Y FACE MASKS COLLECTION! The Italian hi-tech accessory brand Gen-Y, famous for travel bags and backpacks, has just launched a brand new facemasks collection.
Featuring avant-garde technologies such as Aerobreath ®, the facemasks offer next to extreme practicality also great protection from viruses and dust, yet maintaining a very high level of breathability. Paint-Splattered shoes by Premiata.

The washable [Skub] and [Skul] facemasks deliver extreme practicality. Aerobreath®️ technology keeps you covered from viruses and dust, maintaining a very high level of breathability. They are extremely soft, light and can be stored in your pockets while not in use.  Get your own mask HERE

The brand GEN-Y was established in 2017 by Lorenzo Lorenzi, CEO of Lorenzi Company Italian leader in microfibers leather and tech-textiles.  Lorenzi’s high-quality materials, commonly used by premium brands of leather goods, sport/safety footwear and technical clothing are reinterpreted by Gen-y turning them into smart bags, rucksacks and clothes with an innovative key.

Inspired by Lorenzi’s knowhow and environmental respect GEN-Y is projected to the next generations needs, always sharing the mission :“Long lasting products, long lasting future”.
The creative team is focused on the product functionality and releases new designs without following the fashion cycle.

GEN-Y is a combination of design and high-quality materials. It’s creativity and technology, craftsmanship and innovation, aesthetic research and performance put together thanks to Italian know-how.

Bags, backpacks and accessories created to follow us in every moment of the day: from work to free time, from passions that characterize us as individuals indoors to those that complete us outdoors.
The collection is made of a-gender products that evolve with each of us, that adapt to our needs and follows us in all of our activities: sports, cocktails downtown with friends, job meetings or pleasure trips.

With its design inspired by urban geometries, GEN-Y’s collection is created with extremely sought-after materials which are also eco-friendly.