Gender Project is a social photography project by Veronique Charlotte, the Italian visual artist and curator. The project starts from the etymology of the word Gender, which is only vaguely associated with sex and more widely associated from Latin to the word “KINDNESS“. Gender aims to tell 1000 stories through 0100 portraits that narrate the social cross-section of 0010 world capitals, with 0001 only goals: to break down walls and difficulties that prevent us from accepting the differences that make us unique.

1000 STORIES divided into
0100 PORTRAITS for

In each city, Veronique has the goal of immortalizing 100 candid semi-nude portraits, linked to 100 stories, 100 emotions, 100 different lives. The photographs are taken during an intimate one-hour energy exchange, in which the subject and the photographer voluntarily assume an open and vulnerable position facing each other to discuss their understanding of fluidity and identity.

Gender is a space open to all those who are happy to be part of this journey and to all those who want to share emotions, be open to discussions and establish connections.

“As an artist, I am happy to share and talk about modern social problems. With the arrival of new technologies, we risk losing face-to-face communication. The world of emotions, feelings and words is a world that doesn’t need screens. The project is a “mark-making” exercise that also explores our collective consciousness of what we are, can do and feel.

This collection showcases collective memory as an object in flux, which depends on our intervention. The portraits commemorate a multicultural and diverse community that exists at this time, but they also highlight the interdependence of each character in order to create a safe space for this liminality, also underlining the need to continually revisit and observe the demand for identity and representation.

GENDER is an exploration of the practice of the therapeutic arts in which photography is a tool that allows the catharsis of the subject and the photographer. In general, the project openly engages with the LGBTQI + community but has also included the heteronormative community since its foundation.
After the success of the first two editions of Gender Project, London 2019 and Milan 2020 is now time for us to head to Berlin for the 3rd instalment of Gender Project Starting January 2021.

We are now looking for the new 100 new faces that will represent the city of Berlin.
Everyone is free to apply as Gender work through an open call at:
You can also support the project HERE