GENDER PROJECT – Exhibition and Performances from 27 to 30 October 2022 at Alte Münze, Berlin

#SaveTheDate – After acclaimed photo exhibitions in London (2019) and Milan (2020), Italian artist Veronique Charlotte brings their GENDER PROJECT to Berlin. Veronique has photographed 100 Berlin residents to capture their uniqueness. The portraits will be shown from 28 to 30 October 2022 as part of an exhibition with a live programme (including talks, drag performances, and DJ sets) at the Alte Münze, Berlin.

The aim of the GENDER PROJECT is to showcase the beautiful differences that make every person unique. “The portraits celebrate the multicultural and diverse community that exists today,” says Veronique Charlotte. “I try to listen without prejudice, without social labels in my head, to capture the essence of the people in each city. That way I describe places not by their geographical location or borders, but by the stories of the people.”

In a safe space created by Veronique Charlotte, semi-nude photos were taken in one-hour sessions that express the vulnerability and strength of her protagonists. Each shoot was followed by an intimate conversation, in which the subjects and the artist divulged themselves further. The emotional insights into the lives and stories behind the portraits are part of the multimedia exhibition, along with other acoustic installations.

The GENDER PROJECT includes not only reflections on the theme of “gender” but also on art’s mission to facilitate interpersonal relationships in different cultural contexts as well as to function as a therapeutic tool. Photography can be cathartic for both the person photographed and the photographer.

The project explicitly advocates for the LGBTQAI+, BIPOC communities, and other marginalised groups, but also includes the heteronormative society. Veronique Charlotte invites everyone into her safe space.

The photos for the GENDER PROJECT in Berlin were taken in the summer of 2021. Berlin is now the third stop of the photo project. Veronique Charlotte will travel with their camera to seven more cities worldwide, with the goal of taking 100 photos in each of the 10 chosen cities, telling 1000 stories in total.

As part of the exhibition, so-called “Fresh Blood Artists” – artists who are on the verge of a breakthrough – will get the chance to present their art in each city. In Berlin, these include visual artist Nicolette Bénard, video artist Joss Jaycoff, and performance artist Chloé Dall’Olio from the queer art collective “The Plastic Family”.

The kick-off event on 24 October at Soho House Berlin

Before the official opening of the exhibition, there will be a kick-off event for the GENDER PROJECT at Soho House Berlin (Torstr. 1, 10119 Berlin) on 24 October 2022, starting at 19:00.

20:30 – 21:30: Premiere “Gender in Conversations”, the documentary shot during the “Gender Project” photo sessions in Berlin.

22:00: Live performance Emanuele Corsini – ballet dancer Friedrichstadt-Palast “ARISE Grand Show”

22:30 – 00:00: DJ set Luigi Di Venere

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