Gentle ether

A KALTBLUT exclusive short film premiere. “Gentle ether” is created in collaboration with film director and photographer  Alex Bronshtein, Roman Erofeev (Nob agency’s photographer) and Masha Kogan (post-production director). Designer Roman Uvarov took part in the film’s creation as a model and the costumes’ supplier. Model is Artem Novikov. Hair and makeup by Nastya Tenderova.

“In this film, we raise a dilemma of blurry borders between online and offline worlds where our main character dwells at the beginning of the film. Upon the first opportunity, the character leaves the ordinary offline world and rushes into abstract digital space. The character, accompanied by the digital space’s guide, passes through various adventures while reincarnating for each one of them. At the end of the long journey, he finds harmony.

The film, with its decorative and slightly naive style, was made in Moscow only in two days with a small budget. The scene of the character’s disappearance was the most complicated because we had to douse the character with a specially prepared mixture of milk and food paint.” *Alex Bronshtein

Film director and director of photography is Alex Bronshtein / Instagram: @artbronshtein
Producer is Roman Erofeev / Instagram: @drunk_crucian
Post production by Masha Kogan / @moishakogan
Model and designer is Roma Uvarov / Instagram: @romauvarov
Model is Artem Novikov/ Instagram: @novmod
MUAH up by Nastya Tenderova / Instagram: @tenderova