Gentle Monster’s “GENTLE WU” collaboration with Kris Wu

Gentle Monster presents a new collection of ‘GENTLE WU’ in collaboration with global artist KRIS WU. The GENTLE WU Collection, which captures the characteristics of KRIS WU, who is always in the public spotlight, features a glamorous and bold design.

The collection consists of four types of sunglasses that reflect the signature design element of this collaboration, the ‘GW’ logo, and adds bold yet refined metal detail to create a more luxurious atmosphere. It also offers a wide range of options, from basic daily-wear designs to unique and fashionable designs that reflect the identity of Gentle Monster and KRIS WU. Notably, this collection carries a more fashionable and trendy mood with its bold colours that were hard to find in the existing GENTLE MONSTER collections.

GENTLE WU” collection is available on Gentle Monster’s official channels

Photographer: ZengWu Set Designer: JXXX Producer: Olliver Wang
Video Director: Weishun Jiang Cinematographer: Qiuyu Xiao