German Video Premiere: Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii – Breaking News

KALTBLUT is excited to stream the Germany video premiere for Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii’s, “Breaking News”. Directed and filmed in New York, “Marianne and Eyvind (Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii) used sound bytes from a rally in Russia protesting Putin’s anti gay laws. The law basically prohibits any kind of expression of non traditional sexuality around minors.



The energy of the people protesting is so powerful, but then you think, ok well we HAVE this freedom, so how do we use it?!” says director Lily X, “I think people talk a lot about wanting freedom – but what will you do with that freedom? I’m always seeking freedom but sometimes I forget what the point is, freedom for freedom’s sake? Or is it actually the freedom to play and have fun with your friends!? That’s what this video is and was, having fun with my friends, playing and being free! One thing that really excites me is that my mom likes this video! The mom in the video is so worried, and all her son is doing is expressing himself and having fun. I dedicate this video to Moms who think they can’t go out and party and let go and be funky and have fun but actually would have a great time if they did.”

TWMTH group

Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii’s vinyl release of “Indépendance”, which includes the track “Breaking News” is available to order here.