Givenchy Fall 2016 Campaign – Berlin Love

Fashion Film + Campaign! Not only Gucci feature Berlin as their campaign star, also Givenchy sees in Germany’s capital city the rising star and the fashion world wonders what is about this city. Riccardo Tisci released his teaser, shot by Berlin-based artist Matt Lambert 72hours later than Gucci and it seems he was pushed forward in reaction to the rival in business.

While Gucci shows a dreamy colourful Spring Summer 2016 campaign, Givenchy serves images in a grey look – which can be followed under the hashtag #berlincalling on Instagram. Shot by Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert, and styled by Katy England the beautiful collection is set on Karl-Marx-Alle with a view on the TV tower, in front of Kino Interational and other urban building relics of the formerly DDR era. Every picture of the campaing shows the grey sky of Berlin and describes a contrast between life and occasion, almost blurred. The high fashion garments of Givenchy seems to achieve an exaggerated feeling of freedom with a little help of Berlin’s brutally honest architectire as a historical backdrop. Love it!

2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-02 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-03 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-05 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-06 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-07 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-08 2016-01-12-Jan-BerlinCalling-Barto-Styleinsider-09 Givenchy-2016-Menswear-Pre-Fall-001 Givenchy-2016-Menswear-Pre-Fall-011

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