glo x Gareth Pugh: ReFashioned collection

glo and Gareth Pugh jointly launch an exclusive and sustainable bag collection of a very special kind. ReFashioned combines clubwear and upcycling for a good cause. The collection consists of over-the-shoulder-glo hyper-device bags and a series of custom-made couture handbags, which have been auctioned off online since 09.12.20. /

Tobacco Heater meets Fashion – doesn’t fit? All the more reason for glo to combine these opposites in a creative way – in line with the daring campaign motto #ohnewennundoder: combine the best of two worlds and escape the pressure to decide. glo impressively proves that this claim is not just hot air with the launch of the ReFashioned fashion collection. In collaboration with designer icon Gareth Pugh, new life is breathed into virtually non-recyclable materials based on discarded clubwear.

“ReFashioned”, a unique accessories collection from celebrated designer Gareth Pugh and innovative tobacco heating brand glo is now available to bid on with 100% of funds raised going to sustainable fashion causes.

Upcycling underground fashion to create a couture range of elegant bags, the collection pushes the limits of what is possible with some of the most challenging materials to make a positive impact. Each piece has been crafted from extreme clubwear materials, taking these hard to recycle items and upcycling them to give them a whole new lease of life.

The result is a collectable classic that looks equally at home on the runway as it does in the darkest corner of a hedonistic club. You can now own a piece of fashion history by bidding on these hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind modern classics today.