Grand Bassin Spring / Summer 2018 by sample-cm

We are happy to share with you the new Grand Bassin Spring / Summer 2018 by sample-cm campaign. Shot in Berlin by Jaap Bräutigam. Sample-cm is an intelligent design label founded by french designer Margot Charbonnier in 2010. Trained in sociology and later in fashion at London’s world-renowned Central Saint Martin’s, Charbonnier founded sample-cm in Berlin. Uniting fashion, art and sociology, sample-cm draws on years of experience in trans-disciplinary design to rethink the act of dressing. Working closely with a diverse roster of storytellers and talents, the brand develops wide-ranging projects, such as the grand bassin collections, and fashion presentations as seen at Berlin fashion week since 2015. Hair and Make up by Natalia Vermeer. Production by Annika Hatje.


Photography. Jaap Bräutigam.
Concept and Design. Margot Charbonnier
Production. Annika Hatje.
Hair and Makeup. Natalia Vermeer

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