Gucci Gift Giving 2017

KALTBLUT is presenting the new digital Gucci Gift campaign illustrated by artist Ignasi Monreal. The Cabinet of Curiosities opens into a surreal and spellbinding world featuring the 2017 gifts selection of ready-to-wear and accessories, from Gucci Cruise 2018 by Alessandro Michele.

Gucci launches its Gift Giving campaign for the holiday season. This extends across several categories – from handbags to jewelry, from shoes to T-shirts and from porcelain to children’s clothes. Gucci’s Gift Giving selection is the centerpiece of a book that features a series of digital artwork by Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal.

Ignasi Monreal began his creative collaboration for Gucci with a quirky fortune teller and weather forecaster that appeared in the first #GucciGram digital art project.


It’s Icarus. He fascinates me because of his story, which could be read a bit like a mantra I guess.

Fast forward two years, and the young Spanish artist’s digital pen is behind 80 illustrations that feature in the 2017 Gucci Gift catalogue. Ignasi weaves Gucci accessories and ready-to-wear into artworks that tell spellbinding stories, layered with diverse influences, mixing classical mythology of Greece and Rome, Medieval alchemy, Renaissance paintings, with a dash of Spanish passion and abundance. Read the interview here!

The works include the products of the Gift Giving selection and combine them with various references to the story of the fall of Icarus: belt bags on a classic statue, a kingsong snaking around the legs of a girl carrying boots, two kittens wearing sun glasses jumping out of one Gucci mug with green herbarium print or handbags with shoulder straps made of chains hanging from a street sign.

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