Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 Menswear

Lookbook! Designer Alessandro Michele unveiled his Pre-Fall 2016 menswear collection for Gucci. The iconic fashion brand Gucci, who under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele is experiencing an über-renaissance, recently launched its completely redesigned site in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Shop Gucci HERE!

Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy1 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy2 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy3 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy4 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy5 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy6 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy7 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy8 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy9 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy10 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy11 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy12 Gucci-Pre-Fall-2016-Lookbook_fy78

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