GUNTAS Spring / Summer 2018

#ParisFashionWeek – We are in LOVE with the GUNTAS Spring / Summer 2018 collection. GUNTAS made it´s debut with a presentation at Paris Fashion Week. This second season by Turkish Milan-based designer Zeynep Guntas is marked by a collaboration with A$AP Mob’s A$AP TyY and footwear label Nekedi. GUNTAS is taking its roots from the young generation lifestyle where the collective experience is made of more and more social and cultural diversity. Though, the digital world has increased the development of artificial individualities too. How to define reality, if everyone has their own reality? As last season, the label’s answer comes from personal enlightenment. The orange color, seashells and koi fishes give the clue of buddhist inspirations and open the path to purification in a world of concerns. #onetowatch for the future! All photos by Binxin Xu.

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