GusGus – Airwaves

Fresh Out Of The Oven! After sold out shows in Germany, Poland, USA, a highlight gig at Corona Festival Mexico and Boiler Room Mexico, GusGus continue their successful world tour in Russia and Europe. Coinciding with the upcoming tour dates, the video for their third single “Airwaves” is now available to stream. “Airwaves” was up for a remix contest on Beatport until last week and got 500 submissions. Winners will be announced November 18th.

Biggi Veira from GusGus about “Airwaves”:

Airwaves is the first track we started working on for the Mexico album.  We did the first version in the summer of 2012 and premiered it in our live set at The Icelandic music festival IcelandAirwaves, in November that year.  As always (it seems) Daniel Agust writes about inner conflicts with love and emotions.  How one part of you wants to love and commit while the other wants to be free and untied.  How agonizing guilt one feels when after devoting your self to someone who truly loves you but as time passes parts of you drift and feeds you the urge to cut loose.  How simple it would be if you could just decide whom to love and your whole would follow.  The Music is as always dance driven pop approach in the Gusgus spirit, “Whatever problems you face, you can always dance your way out of it, at least for few moments”.


The Video was directed by a friend, Reynir Lyngdal, and features Daniel Agust struggling to dance his way through these difficult emotions.  At times the legendary Icelandic pop idol Johann Helgason and Daniels lookalike cuts in as the image of Daniel at old age.  The future hunts him as the question always arises, “Will my chase after happiness truly deliver it to me”.




29 – Loft, Krasnojarsk, Russia , 31 – Tele Club, Ekaterinburg, Russia


02 – Ogni Ufy, Ufa, Russia, 03 – Glav Club, Moscow, Russia , 04 – A2, St. Petersburg, Russia , 06 – Arena Hall, Krasnodar, Russia , 07 – Tesla, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 09 – Ynost’Club, Kiev, Ukraine, 11 – Prime Hall, Minsk, Belarus , 12 – Teatro Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania , 14 – Rock Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia, 15 – Palladium, Riga, Latvia, 28 –  Koko – NME Party, London, UK, 29 – Explore the North Festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, 30 – Botanique/ Orangerie, Brussels, Belgium


03 – Paris, La Maroquinerie, France, 04 –  Rondel, Bern, Switzerland, 05 –  Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, 07 –  Star Trznica, Bratislava, Slovakia, 08 – Aquarium, Budapest, Hungary, 09 – MeetFactory, Prague, Czech Republic, 11 –  Terminal 1, Sofia, Bulgaria,12 –  Palatul Ghika, Bukarest, Romania, 13 –  Babylon, Istanbul, Turkey / @Facebook /