Han Kjøbenhavn Spring/Summer 2022

For the fourth consecutive time, Han Kjøbenhavn presented at the Milano Fashion Week, this season with a menswear focused show. hankjobenhavn.com / @hankjobenhavn

“I felt it was the right time to present a collection focusing exclusively on menswear, which is actually the foundation and the roots of Han Kjøbenhavn. I wanted to create a powerful movie, to convey this collection’s concept, but also Han Kjøbenhavn’s ambitions and creative journey. As a designer I have enjoyed the challenge of making fashion films through the last seasons, but now I’m also looking forward to return to Milan with a physical show format”, tells founder and creative director of Han Kjøbenhavn, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen.

The show movie presents a collection of voluminous silhouettes, straight lines and hard contrasts in the form of metal details and hand braided techniques. Plissé and sequences are consistent fabrics throughout the collection, accompanied by tailored suiting made from hand-braided leather and recycled denim.

The colour scale of the collection is dominated by black, grey and silver. This chromatic colour scale is broken by pale green leather styles. Furthermore, the collection presents an extended selection of Han Kjøbenhavn’s jewellery line as well as handcrafted leather bags featuring customized ceramic hands, created in collaboration with Brussels-based ceramic artist, Naomi Gilon.

Titled, as the collection, Staying On The Moon, the show movie is a creative execution of the seasonal concept of the collection. It represents a tribute to the imperfect and the unknown. It is about being true to one’s own journey, to the emotion of feeling distant or misunderstood, yet sincere to oneself. While unveiling Han Kjøbenhavn’s SS22 menswear collection in its voluminous silhouettes and blunt contrasts of soft and hard shapes, the film is an invitation to stay different and be true to one’s own personality.

“There seems to be an expectation of people adapting to the norms of the society”, according to
Han Kjøbenhavn’s Creative Director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen – “I have always loved the imperfect and the unknown. I believe it’s important that one should be allowed to be yourself”, tells Davidsen and refers to the title of the collection, Staying On The Moon, which can be perceived as advice to stay different and be true to your personality.

Han Kjøbenhavn’s SS22 womenswear collection will be revealed on the runway at the Copenhagen Fashion Week in August, where the brand will hold its first show presenting womenswear only.