HardClo F/W19-20 – First in Space

HardClo F/W19-20 explores the perspective of the Russian cosmonaut through a particular eye. Dark but also with light sources in it like the orange color. “It is a story that we have placed in a space environment but with strong references to today. The silos became the headquarters of the cosmonaut you are preparing to conquer space.” Photography by Spiros Kokkonis. Makeup by Sophia Kossada. Models are Mila and Yonas (D models).

Gagarin: First in Space a.k.a.. First man In Space

Гагарин. Первый в космосе or полетели!

HardClo www.instagram.com/hard.clo / www.hardclo.com

Photographer : Spiros Kokkonis @8317k
Muah : Sophia Kossada @sophia_koss
Models : Mila , Yonas ( D models )