Hardkor Disko by Krzysztofa Skoniecznego

Summer is coming and it’s hard to find good movies for you, so I decided to talk about the movies I watched at the 10th Jubilée filmPOLSKA festival I’ve been invited to two weeks ago. So let’s talk about the disturbing „Hardkor Disko“. Polish movies are the future of European film. Poland went trough rough times, especial for young people. They’re trapped between tradition and the changes in the world and as we know: a lot of pressure means a lot of creative energy that needs to break through.


So Krzysztofa Skoniecznego produced his movie „Hardcore Disko“ on his own. He collected 30000€ and got no help from any national film fond and so he was free to do whatever he needed to do.

It’s hard to describe this movie, because the director himself says it’s not about the plot, it’s a journey to yourself and he just gives you some points and you decide what you see. But without all these ambitions it’s a fucking thrilling and exciting experience!

Marcin got a knife in his pants and wants to visit a couple but instead of them he meets Ola, follows her through the night ad so a big excess starts. Drugs, alcohol, sex -the common stuff. The next morning he meets her well educated arty parents, who immediately like him, but he still got a knife…


I need to stop retelling at this point, because it would be a big big spoiler.

It’s fascinating how much you like the mysterious Marcin although he’s not a very nice guy. Ola and her very open minded family, that the most of us would die for, do not touch my heart in any way. But that’s just how I saw it.

And I saw a lot of more: a real high quality in a low budget movie. The photography is plain, but a lot of styles are combined. They’re individually fragments that become one big thing, but don’t answer every question.

Although there are a few clichés in this movie, it convinced me, that there is so much potential in polish films and film makers, there are so many stories that need to be told. I’m really excited, when and how the LGBTI people will participate in this start of the young film scene. It’s still the biggest conflict of the polish society and there needs to come more.


Support our polish friends and watch it. Maybe this time not at the common .to’s but on a big stream. I am really in love with this movie and I want Krzysztofa Skoniecznego to realize a lot of more of his visions.


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