Her Damit Festival announce new date and extra night

After the initial shock of having to postpone this year’s Her Damit, new dates have finally been locked down. Her Damit will now take place from 07-10.09.2018 at the Bunker complex of Freudenberg and we are excited to announce that there will include an extra night of dancing under the stars in Freudenberg, as the last DJ will be playing into the early hours of Monday. So not only have more Sunday day tickets been added, but KALTBLUT readers are being offered a whopping 20% discount on weekend, half weekend and Sunday tickets – more info on that below. To celebrate the great news we have a specially curated playlist in the form of headliner Eris Drew’s “Motherbeat Jams from Tuf Seattle”.

“This playlist is for my friends in Seattle. We experienced something beautiful in 2017 at Tuf ‘Till Dawn. It was one of the most important experiences of my life, which is why I am returning there this August with friends for the Second Rite of the Motherbeat: “Motherbeat Revealed.” After that morning in Seattle, I set out to unlock the healing energies contained in my vast record collection and to finally tell the story of a visionary experience of the Motherbeat 23 years prior. This playlist contains some of the most beautiful tracks from that morning’s set. I’ll never forget dancing to “No More Tears” (KLF), arms outstretched, spiralling with bodies around me. I remember closing my eyes and seeing the Realm of the Motherbeat, conjured behind my eyes by the shared experience. I remember playing Zozi’s “Mellow Vibe” to sun-drenched faces as the dancefloor was held in the ecstatic fundamental pulse. We saw ourselves and each other that morning. It changed my life and charged these records with memories and love NRG.” – Eris Drew

What? Her Damit Festival
When? 07-10 September 2018
Where? Bunkeranlage Freudenberg, Weinbergstr. 21-31, 16259 Beiersdorf-Freudenberg
Tickets: KALTBLUT 20% discount: here

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