Hermione Flynn! A 3D Performance Artist On The Rise

KALTBLUT Fashion Award winner 2016 Hermione Flynn has created a 3D campaign “Watermark” which explores concepts of “digital make-up” as well as exposes the texture-mapping of 3D objects. As a trained performance artist, Flynn has always pioneered clothing design centered around artistic concept, social commentary and mixed media presentations. As one not to shy away from innovation, Flynn is now embracing and pioneering 3D as her chosen medium of artistic communication.

A new era has begun at the Berlin fashion-house, Hermione Flynn.

This shift in Flynn’s process has resulted in the creation of a highly accurate and realistic 3D replica of the designer’s own physical form. This digital-double will function as Flynn’s own 3D performance-art avatar.

As a first look at the avatar, Flynn has created a 3D campaign “Watermark”

Hermione Flynn intends to produce limited edition concept-collections, which are a simple by-product of the 3D art and performances created. The introduction of 3D will also drastically inform the creative process – from cloth simulations to 3D printing, the products produced at Hermione Flynn will certainly reflect this new era.

We call her “Em”

In 2018, Hermione Flynn, created “Em” – an exact 3D digital-double of the artist’s own physical form. This 3D replica functions as Flynn’s performance-art avatar, occupying 3D spaces in the realms of virtual-reality, augmented reality, online performance and animated video. 

The movement towards 3D-created content is unavoidable. It is sweeping through the entertainment, social media, advertising, VR and AI industries (to name a few), so the influence on fashion and art is now utterly inevitable. Flynn has been able to take advantage of such a movement, through the exclusive partnership with Berlin-based 3D content-creators Synthetic.Studio and sister company Mimic Productions.


title. Lawless by Hermione Flynn – date. 2017 – description. 3D Fashion Film

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