Hidden reflection by Nikita Orlov

Nikita Orlov is a freelance artist and choreographer from Moscow. Orlov explores the formation of personality in a spiritual, physical, and emotional connection with the environment. The primary source of his inspiration is the question of self-identification.

“Guided by society’s imposed ideas, in the pursuit of success, social and financial status, we become victims of self-destruction in a state of stress.

The personality’s split leads us to a complete misunderstanding of ourselves. As you would stand in front of a mirror, you would see someone else in the reflection. This kind of condition affects our physical state and can create irreparable issues.

Taking care of our inner state, we not only keep balance but also contribute to society.”

Visual Art by Nikita Orlov
Instagram: @orlov
Makeup by Julia Isaeva
Instagram: @juliajuliaz
Model is Timur Karimov
Instagram: @2lpr