HOMECOMING QUEENS Spring/Summer 2019

#WEAREINLOVE –  Dominika Kozáková is a young fashion designer from Slovakia, living and working in the Czech Republic. Dominika’s collection “Homecoming queens” is inspired by bikers, punk culture and streets of Berlin. It’s made for the new progressive generation of people. However Homecoming queens is a more personal collection, it connects the clothes and avant-garde pieces from her hometown, from home where Dominika lives and creates. This is her personal universe, there are no borders here. Dominika’s life is influenced by artists, performers and LGBT community living around her. Her inspiration comes from unique and wonderful persons. Every person is a unique world. She truly believes that clothes should to speak our stories, should to speak our personality. But for most of us, it requires courage. Photography and Art direction by Iurii Ladutko. 

Team Credits:

Fashion design by Dominika Kozáková / insta: @dominika_kozakova_
Photography / Art direction by Iurii Ladutko / www.iuriiladutko.com / insta: @iuriiladutko.raw
VFX by Svatopluk Ručka / insta: @svataaan
Make-up by Eva Kubienová insta: @evajailers
Model agency: New aliens agency / insta: @newaliensagency_
Models: Gertie – insta: @nintendogertie / Jan S / Isaac – insta: @eye.zik / Jaspit – insta: @iam.jaspit / Sara – insta: @sarajohanovska