House of Vans @B&&B 2018

photos by Conrad Bauer

#PhotoReview! Music, Art, Street Culture and Action Sports are the 4 Brand Pillars that make up Vans and the Off The Wall Spirit of the brand. The platform for this is the House of Vans, which was launched this year as a pop-up on the B&&B in Berlin.

Independent and rising musicians performed on the House of Vans Stage, headliners like Yonaka and Gurr literally rocked the stage. Vans wants to continue to expand this. In September, there will be a Share The Stage Event, to which young, rising musicians can apply.

The tradition of Vans Customs dates back to 1966, when Paul Van Doren made personalized footwear from the fabrics that people brought to the store. Today Vans wants to continue this idea and continue to give all fans of Vans the chance to influence their design. Therefore, there is also a Vans Customs section on the website.

photos by Conrad Bauer


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