I AM HERE presents: TURBOKOLOR // Swanski

I AM HERE is a collective of film makers. Join their safari through the mind of Pawel Swanski – designer, painter and head of the Turbokolor Co. The documentary offers you great insights into the world behind the illustrations that Swanski creates with brush and ink. It’s not just about skateboarding, it’s not just about streetwear and it’s definitely not about following the newest trends – it goes way deeper than that.

Straight from the wild, wild east.

Soundtrack by The Walking Who: “Coma Rose”, “Take My Picture (Original Demo)”, “Isn’t that Dandy?” facebook.com/thewalkingwho

More info about the project:

Founded in 2010 the I AM HERE collective are inspired by urban culture, dirty streets, busy people,  and little known special places that get lost in the concrete jungle. With an appreciation for the analog, and the realisation of what all is possible in digital, the I AM HERE crew want to capture intense images, travel the world, and drink beer, welcome to I AM HERE.


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