i-Cons: Vivienne Westwood

#Documentary! Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood unveiled just a few days ago her new SS17 collection and we love it. It is time to celebrate The Queen of UK fashion with a documentary: Over the course five decades, the girl born Vivienne Isabel Swire has gone from punk-provocateur to Britain’s best loved fashion designer. Raised in the D.I.Y. climate of post-war Derbyshire, it was 1970s London where she opened the Kings Road boutique that launched her name and, along with co-conspirator Malcolm McLaren, gave birth to Britain’s most defining youth movement: punk. In the years that followed – from Pirates to Mini Crini, Harris Tweed to the present day – she plundered history, pioneering the idea that fashion could be about more than just clothes – it could be about protest too. Join us, as we meet the incendiary grande dame behind the name, and discover more about a bone fide i-D icon: Vivienne Westwood.

Director Eloise King

Interview Matthew Whitehouse
Producer Eloise King
Talent Producer Declan Higgins
Production Manager Lauran Clark
Production Assistant Lily Rose Thomas

with Vivienne Westwood

Director of Photography Nick Wheeler
Editor Paul Frankl
Colourist Kennedy Dawson at MPC
Sound Mix Guy Chase

Additional Images Ben Westwood Archive, Robyn Beeche, Juergen Teller, Marius Hansen, Richard Young, Mark Lebon, Ray Flight, John ‘Nidge’ van Rheede Toas, Susie Prince, Brian Rushgrove, Billy Johnson, Hugh Finnegan

Additional Footage Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood, Kino Library, Premices Films, Fabrice DAVILLE www.premicesfilms.com -Videographer : Thibault Della Gaspera, Julien Pujol, Heart Thames News/Global, Pink Floyd

Music Jingle Punks

Global Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga
Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Head of Production Bree Horn
Associate Producer Kate Villevoye
Researcher Stephen Isaac-Wilson

Head of Post Production Daniel Elias
Post production Administrator Laura Davidson
Post production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa

Studio Manager Polly Williams
Motion Graphics Director Steve Gurr

Special Thanks Vivienne Westwood, Laura McCuaig, Robyn Beeche Foundation, John ‘Nidge’ van Rheede Toas, www.edwardianteddyboy.com

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