I hate getting my picture taken by LaQuann Dawson

LaQuann Dawson is a twenty-three-year-old multidisciplinary artist from Ohio. Now living in Brooklyn, New York, Dawson lives and moves as an artist exploring portraiture and identity through photography, illustration and writing.

“black boy takes pictures
of himself to feel
pretty  hard out here for a nigga
when he wants to be
the one you all come home to
but the house is empty floors dusty
used rent money to get my hair braided
i’m just tryna feel different
and it’s a look but it’s not
not really  it’s hard tryna be
in front of and behind a camera
and not feel seen in either

I feel like a bad bitch all ways
and all of the time except when
people [try to] take my picture

except when  they don’t ”

In this moment, I am exploring my body and its beauty. I want to give myself permission to feel and embody a kind of beauty that I’ve never felt allowed. I want to give my permission to be sexual and understand that to be a good thing. I am celebrating my weight gain and my health. I want to thank my boyfriend for reminding me that I am and can be sexy.


Instagram: @laquanndawson

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