I stand alone by Thomas Kuhn

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Thomas Kuhn. The model is Dorian Yawari. Make up by Meizi Peng. Styling by Valenttin Peron.“I stand alone” is an ironic take on that nasty feeling probably most of us experienced back then on the schoolyard, when all those cool kids stood in tight circles and discussed what seemed to be the biggest secrets of this entire world. All pieces are part of the debut collection of French designer Valenttin Peron.

“My name is Thomas, I am a 22-year-old Italian photographer who moved to Berlin at age 12 and I was the kid who was never allowed to join the circle of those cool kids.
One always took the lead and soon everyone else would aspire to buy the same things, get the same haircut and give the same mean looks to us outsiders. in my eyes, I saw them succumb to mind-numbing sameness, an uninspired crowd that had become mere bland clones of each other. Since this memory is so vivid to this day, I thought I’d try and recreate it in a fashion context.
My friend Valenttin Peron, who is a French model and designer was fittingly working on his graduate collection at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris around this same thematic inspiration. He provided the collection and great helping hands to realize this personal project.”

Photography by Thomas Kuhn / www.thomaskuhn.art / Instagram: @thomaskuhnph
Model is Dorian Yawari / Instagram: @dorian.yawari
Make up by Meizi Peng / Instagram: @meizipeng
Styling by Valenttin Peron / @valenttinperon

All pieces are part of the debut collection of French designer Valenttin Peron

Thomas Kuhn is an Italian photographer and designer currently based between Berlin and Milan. After having assisted Dominique Issermann and Paolo Roversi in Paris, France, he began working in the fashion photography industry and has since worked for various publications and clients all around Europe. He recently founded his own Creative Studio in Berlin called “Floathouse Studio” and studies at the University of Arts in Berlin