IMAGO Nation Street Art Artist Self Portraits – Originality 1: 1

IMAGO Nation Street Art Artist Self Portraits – Originality 1: 1  a contemporary document of Photography and Urban Art in Berlin. Austria based artist Annegret Kohlmayer invited street art artist to do a selfie with The IMAGO Camera. The worldwide only large format camera, which creates life-sized  self-portraits of people.

Street Art_2(c)Annegret Kohlmayer


It is the largest walk-in  Camera in the world and produces black and white portraits on a special paper, which was solely created for IMAGO. Annegret Kohlmayer asked the street art artist to over paint or spray their selfies. The exhibition goes on till November 30th at Moritz Platz in Berlin. 

Street Art_1(c)Annegret Kohlmayer

»In times of unrestrained duplication, this term seems like a provocation: A unicum.« – this is how the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” describes the phenomenon which other people simply call the spiritual rebirth of photography: the IMAGOgram. Each step of its development is art – starting with the IMAGO camera, which surprises the user with a true-sided reflection! This is how the IMAGOgram consistently uses what the era of pixel-based photography has turned into a convention: a live-sized format (60x200cm) instead of miniaturization. Uncompromising black and white instead of a dull rush of color. The ultimately analog process of IMAGOgraphy celebrates the magic of the moment, which is defined by the self-timer. No manipulations or repetition. No playing games with the variables of digital enhancement. This is the answer to the picture flood thanks to mobile phones and other devices.

001_Kamera_IMAG01_1_Annegret Kohlmayer01

Everyone, who wants to experience the art of self-expression, is welcome to visit the exhibition.