In Theaters: The Martian 3D by Ridley Scott (2015)

Ridley Scott and Matt Damon did it: an action movie in space. But wait: it’s more an intimate play. After a storm on Mars, where all his expedition members left the planet but him, because they thought he died, Mark Watney tries to survive. The problem is: he needs to survive for four years, the station is only built for 31 days. So he starts building his own oasis, creating a garden and so on.Meanwhile his team, that left him up in the sky, creates a plan to save him. Illegal, because the NASA doesn’t want to pay for the risk to get him back. So they need to fight against all resistances on Earth and Mars.

Well, as you can see,  theOscar season started right and now all the excellent scripts enter the big screens. This novel adaption of Andy Weir is a very slow movie in an impressive setting.
The cast is namedropping at its best: Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig(maybe in her first non-comedic role) and the great Jessica Chastain.

Do we need the 3D effect for such a narrative and nerdy plot? I don’t know, lets go to the theaters and figure it out.