Introducing ANOIR FALL 2020

ANOIR is very unique line by Amal Kiran Jana it has an inspiration of noir, surrealism, myth and deep artistic conceptualization. Avant-garde with modern and Scandinavian taste mixed with deep emotion of journey, reality and future; it is meant for a very intellectual class of people /

The design of the collection is mostly unisex bag and artisanal clothing and made of industry surplus leather, natural cotton, hemp, silk, knitted wool and silk. Thus supporting re-use, sustainable, slow-fashion and anti-mass production/consumerism. The whole collection is handmade and developed in the artist’s studio. It focuses to hold the time for a while and make the consumer lure into the darkness of the art piece.

The new 2020 clothing collection is designed by Anna Stavychenko and Amal Kiran Jana; with Anna’s vision in theatrical Opera production had added a new direction to the brand Anoir. The flowy silhouette with transformation and a sudden emphasis of blood red creates an atmosphere of Romeo Castellucci production. Currently the brand is working on flat knit development with wool, silk and linen which will add another step to the uniqueness of the brand.

ANOIR continues to present the collections, season after season, positioning itself on the international scene at an ever increasing slow fashion way. They have also showcased the work in platforms like Neonyt Berlin, Pure London, Pitti Super, Fashionclash, MBKFD etc. In the upcoming season the brand is going to participate in Neonyt Berlin, White Milano, Pure London with the fall 2020 collection in collaboration with Afterlife Projects.