Introducing: GOÁ! The first skincare and grooming line created to stand with modern men

GOÁ – a skincare and grooming line for the modern men, who are involved in a busy and hectic lifestyle, and who do not wish to hold back in living their life at the fullest. Founder and Creative Director Rodrigo Diaz thinks skincare as the anti-vice antidote, providing an unprecedented approach to male grooming, expressly designed for the modern, successful man. The brand acknowledges, and embraces, those virile habits that make men – men. Occasional drinking, smoke, extensive sun exposure during gateways on the snow and tropical destinations, work related fatigue: GOÁ aims to counteract the negative effects they might have on the health of men’s skin.


It is GOÁ’s groundbreaking proprietary formula that ensures the efficiency of the application, allowing to enhance the building process of men’s new skin, while being specifically conceived to repair the damages caused by excess habits. The highly active compound of retinoids and bio-active matter provides accelerated delivery for the specific components of each dedicated formulation, all entirely made in California from rigorously dermatologically tested compounds and organic ingredients.

GOÁ’ aims to cover the widest variety of skin condition typical of men: acceleration in skin aging related to the daily stress, discolorations provoked by cigarette smoke, as well as dryness caused by extensive sun exposure – with products tested and praised non other than by pro snow sport athletes.

Mexican-born Canadian Rodrigo Diaz, studied biochemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario while pursuing his addiction to triathlon. As a world class athlete, he traveled the world which later led him to Italy. His love for design became apparent when enrolling to Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Diaz later worked with major brands like Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Christian Dior which lead him to move to India and lead Dior’s design team and production. Diaz was then intrigued by India’s traditional skincare rituals and holism which led him into the world of skincare.

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