Introducing: JNORIG Spring / Summer 2018

May I introduce you to JNORIG, the new menswear label by Javier Giron. If architecture, geometry and eclecticism are the pillars of the brand, the unifying factor of Javier’s creations, and what inspires the collection presented at 080 Barcelona, is a common element of culture shock. It can also be understood as the coexistence of two cultures, without one knowing the other, sharing ornamental elements and dress. This collection mixes two cultures to create a new, third culture. Both Asian and North American culture from 600-1000 A.D. are fused in this SS18 collection.

The result is a modern, innovative man that wants to break with tradition. It is the aesthetic of the samurais, ninjas and indigenous warriors. The belief of a superior force, their spiritual rituals and occultism are similar among both cultures and the starting point for this collection. Each garment has its own story and message within the collection; it is transmitted through the fabric combination, cut, or graphic symbols made through fabric manipulation and other techniques.

Such as the harnesses that appear in the collection are an interpretation of dreamcatchers used by the Native Americans or the ribbing on a leather jacket referring to a 12th century Heian armour. The single color in the collection, a petrol green, came forth from the strong connection both cultures had their natural surroundings. Javier imagined these warriors living by the forests and the rituals they would perform come nightfall.

JNORIG’s collection includes bags designed in collaboration with Ingrid Pou and footwear by Reebok. II OPPOSITE WORLDS by JNORIG was first shown at 080 Barcelona on 27th of June 2017, at Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau

Javier Girón, 31 years old hailing from Periera, Columbia, studied and developed as a designer in both Europe and the United States. Moving to Frankfurt at 12 years of age, German culture is an underlying influence in the thought process and style of the brand. A passion for different disciplines, like architecture, the investigation into foreign cultures together with Javier’s personal experiences define his creative process. Javier has fond memories of being surrounded by family. His grandmother worked as a tailor and at a very young age Javier was exposed to pattern making, frequently walking on top of and around patterns in the house.

At the core of JNORIG is a very precise pattern developed carefully for each garment. We design for a young, innovative male that takes risks in his own style. Playing with symmetry, minimal silhouettes and straight lines, our garments require a carefully thought out pattern and execution.

JNORIG embraces this artisan background through both the inner workings of the brand and Javier as it’s creator. His mother left Latin America to seek out new opportunities and adventures; this restless desire was passed on and sparked Javier’s interest in studying design in different places to absorb different cultural and artistic influences.

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