Introducing: Junaid Gull SS15

Photographer Marion Bracqué teamed up with Nirma Madhoo to introduce fashion label Junaid Gull and the new spring/summer collection for 2015. Menwear we love! Models are Dwayne @Elite, William @First and Rob @D1Junaid Gull SS15. Production by Nirma Madhoo and Marion Bracqué. Film direction by Nirma Madhoo. Filming by Harun Güler + Nirma Madhoo. Hair & grooming by Michaela Fiedler and Misung Moon.

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London based designer Junaid Gull says: “As a designer I am for fulfillment in my practices, the exploration of fresh ideas whilst still remaining coherent of my inherent design ideals, and like to grow and engage in a constant process of self-modification. I classify myself as what I may call, a contemporary traditionalist. My work consists of looking at craft and heritage both within my own Pakistani roots and the modern western youth culture I am surrounded by and I feel that the end result of this is an amalgamation of technique and craft dissected and explored. In my opinion when is comes to cultural references in fashion it can be looked at with a very cliched and jaded perception at times, and to challenge that I guess is my design approach overall. Cultural influences of any kind I feel are crucial and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Deciding to specialize in menswear fashion, which had always been alien territory to me in the past, I can comfortably carry forth my minimalist aesthetics whilst still incorporating the quirks of long established convention of garment manufacture. Besides formal education, the result of growing up amongst people who have always celebrated design and creativity, in particular my mother who as I remember as a child ran an atelier which is where I spent most of my early adolescence, developed within me an instinctive affinity with fabric, colour and three dimensional design.”



Production by Nirma Madhoo + Marion Bracqué
Film direction by Nirma Madhoo
Filming by Harun Güler + Nirma Madhoo
Editing by Nirma Madhoo
Photography by Marion Bracqué
Collection & styling by Junaid Gull SS15
Hair & grooming by Michaela Fiedler + Misung Moon
Models: Dwayne @Elite, William @First and Rob @D1Junaid Gull SS15